Given that the market demands increasingly high levels of quality and competition is becoming increasingly fierce in all markets, MOLTEPLAS prioritises continuous improvement on a day-to-day basis, both in the products it manufactures and in the processes from which they are obtained. This is why quality control is so vital. Our laboratory has the most modern test and analysis equipment and monitoring is carried from the raw material used to manufacture the product up to the finished product.



MOLTEPLAS guarantees at all times a level of high quality in our products, which is endorsed by the extensive experience and qualification of our personnel that is of vital importance in the final manufacturing phase of such products. Internal audits and continuous controls form the basis of the quality that we offer our customers, therefore, such quality is the result of the symbiosis between our personnel and the metrology and laboratory means we have at our disposal.


  • Cold chamber
  • Compression traction machine
  • Fluidometer
  • Vicat determination machine
  • Light chamber
  • Colorimeter
  • Brightometer
  • Three dimensional measuring machine
  • Moisture % determination machine
  • Stove for ash % determination